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The Maldives is made up of 1192 miniscule islands called atolls spread over 800 km from north to south and straddling the equator. Roughly one hour’s flights southwest of Sri Lanka or 4hrs from Singapore, most of the atolls are idyllic, sun-drenched, palm-fringed Gilligan’s Island style set ups. Countless pristine, white, sandy beaches are surrounded by shallow, crystal clear lagoons and vibrant live coral reefs perfect for diving.

This is life stripped down to simplicity – bright blue skies, year-round sunshine and fantastic diving and snorkeling in lagoons the temperature of bath water. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country in terms of both population and area; it is the smallest predominantly Muslim nation in the world. With an average ground level of 1.5 metres above sea level, it is the lowest country on the planet. It is also the country with the lowest high point in the world, at 2.3 metres.

Maldives favourites

Kandooma Island is blessed with white sands, lush tropical greenery and clear turquoise waters. To complement this, Kandooma Resort has created services intended to satisfy, engage, entertain, educate on the local environment and luxuriate you personally!

Kandooma has beautiful white sandy beaches around a third of the island for those with kids who love to play in beach sand; or for those who prefer working on their tans on the beach rather than on the sun lounges by the pool.

The maximum number of Surfers at Kandooma has been capped at 40 to ensure no overcrowding at Kandooma right and the surf transfers to 7 other breaks in the area for guests booked on the surfer package. No one else on the island can surf if they have not booked a surf package.

There is no closer accommodation to take off zone in the world. In the accommodation con the surf break side you barely have to walk 30 meters from your villa to the paddle out point, and you can literally lie in bed and watch the hollow, rippable waves peel down the point.

The Perfect Wave run the surf program at Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort, so we have experienced, resident surf guides and a surf instructor on the island all year round with the main surf season from April 1- to October 31. They will look after all surfer guests on the island.

The breaks around Kandooma Resort have something for everyone from beginners, intermediate surfers wanting to improve, to experienced surfers wanting barrels and rippable walls. The surf instructor at Kandooma is a qualified instructor and can give tuition to all surfer levels. Surf transfers run twice a day for 3-hour trips to any of the South Male Atolls breaks dependant on the conditions, Departure times are approximately 9.30am and 2.30pm. Surf breaks visited are Riptides, Foxy’s, Twin Peaks, Quarters, Tucky Joes, Last Stop and Kate’s.

Where to stay?

Luxury Charter boats – Enjoy 120ft luxury charter on board the amazing Carpe Vita

Luxury Surf Resorts – The best resort brands in the world with Four Seasons and Six Senses

Great Value Surf Resorts – Get amazing resorts for the family at Holiday Inn Kandooma and Club Med Kani or get a group together for Hudhuranfushi.

Outer Atoll Surf Charters – Get away from everyone and explore the remote outer atolls on your own charter boat onboard the Hamathi.

Male Surf Charter boats – Don’t break the budget and still experience these amazing waves on the Haira or Cobia.

Surf camps and guest houses – Live like a local and enjoy the comfortable guest houses and surf camps.

The country embraces travellers from around the world allowing them the freedom holiday makers require without compromising the islands’ deep Muslim faith.

Season & Weather

Surfing by the season

During the last decade, surfing in the Maldives has attracted many surfers from all over the world. The same swells hitting Indonesia deliver the goods to the Maldives except that the latitude is a little higher and the SE exposure has less energy.

There are three main surfing areas;

  1. The North and South Male Atoll, the surf season runs from April to October during the South-West Monsoons. The bigger swells run from May to August with 2 to 8 ft waves on offer all season.
  2. Central Atoll standard waves are long and clean with size varying between 2 and 8ft as well. During southern hemisphere winter (April-October), it's pretty much never flat.
  3. Southern Atolls right at the southern point of the Maldives are best for surf from February to April and from September to November, there are always waves in the area but the winds become very strong at other times of the year.

The most famous breaks are in North Male Atolls. These long points breaks offer rights and lefts, whether for low intermediates, intermediates or for professional surfers, with waves ranging from 1 to 3 meters. For beginners South Male atoll is better suited and you can get professional lessons at the surf school located at Kandooma Resort.

Surf spots can be accessed a number of ways; by surf charter boat, point breaks straight off the resort or by Dhoni transferring surfers from the resorts and camps. Not all surf breaks are accessible from land.


A lot of surfers prefer surf charter boats to access the many different points in the North and South Male’ Atolls. On a boat there are no constraints and surfers can choose among the most famous breaks. But there are also great resort and camp options. But try to insure you surf Cokes, Jailbreaks (Himmafushi), Honky's, Sultans & Tucky Joes! They are amazing waves!

Central Atolls

North & South Male Atolls

Southern Atolls

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