In the 1960s  the likes of Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones followed surfers to Morocco looking for adventure and inspiration and to escape the cold European winters. Now Jimi and Keef didn’t surf, but when the surfers discovered endless righthand points, brushed by offshores and rattled by winter swells, it wasn’t long before Morocco soon became a world class surf destination. Taghazout, in the south, with its famed Anchor Point is a well-known surf hub, but Essaouir, Rabat, Safi and Casablanca all have an incredible variety of excellent waves. And with 2500 kilometres of coastline more and more waves are being discovered each year.

Quick Facts

Sun all year round, but waves are best September through to March

Known for its righthand points, especially in the winter

Surfing opportunities for all skill levels, especially beginner and intermediate surfers

Mix of Arabic and French culture dishes up some of the best cuisine in the world