Surfing in Tahiti has become synonymous with the infamous slab Teahupoo. That is the perfect, but deadly, wave that can hold waves from four to 40-feet and hosts the professional surf comp each year. Yet surfing Tahiti isn’t just about death and glory. Along the coast the black and white sand beaches bordered by coral reefs provide waves of every length, size, beauty and difficulty. All though break in a powder-blue ocean with warm water and usually with a  rainbow-soaked mountain backdrop. Being open to multiple swell windows it attracts quality swells much of the year and the mix of French Polynesian heritage adds unique flavor to a surf destination that is closer to paradise than any other in the surfing world.

Quick Facts

Mix of powerful slabs and more mellow reef passes  

Relatively uncrowded 

Recognised as one of the most beautiful islands on Earth 

Mix of French and Polynesian culture and cuisine