With its small population, dry tropical climate and traditional rural villages Sumba feels very different from other surfing destinations in Indonesia. The roads are infrequently used and most accommodation caterers for hard-core surfers. There is however one incredible exception; the resort of Nihi Sumba. It is a unique set up being a luxury, eco-resort with exclusive use of the world class “Occy’s Left” out the front. Now it ain’t cheap, I mean Brody Jenner tied the knot here, but it remains one of surfing’s true exceptional experiences.

When to go

Sumba’s long southwest facing coast picks up all the swells that generate in the Indian Ocean during winter. April to September is the most consistent and comes with the southeast tradewinds which the best breaks need. However late season, especially October to December can provide glassy days and solid swells, with some more rare waves also springing to life. With a deep ocean trench off its exposed coast Sumba it is remarkably consistent.


Sumba is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and untouched white-sand beaches on the planet. Culturally it is home to Indonesia's most prized ikat (patterned textiles), while the annual Pasola festival, which features a mounted spear-fighting competition has to be seen to be believed.

The Country

With over 255 million people, Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populated country. Consisting of thousands of islands, Indonesia is rich with tropical oceans, delicious fruits, and impressive volcanoes. Even with the nation’s large population, there are many opportunities to escape the crowds by visiting the country’s outer islands, rainforests, and beaches. Over the millennia, Indonesia has been controlled by many world superpowers – including the Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese. Since the end of World War II, Indonesia has remained a free nation with a constitutional government. Because of this diverse history, Indonesia has a unique blend of island culture, Western Colonialism, and Islamic lifestyle – making it a unique experience for any world traveller. If you enjoy respectfully meeting new people, you will undoubtedly find the people to be as beautiful as the oceans.

Getting There

There are daily flights from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS) to Sumba Island’s Tambolaka Airport (TMC), which take about an hour. When planning your trip from any Western nation, remember to get your passport and visa ahead of time.

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