Uncrowded barrels could be yours for Christmas
Uncrowded barrels could be yours for Christmas

No doubt you are settling back into reality and work mode after the spring school holidays. Most of us are head-down into the busiest time of the year until Christmas now.

Set yourself some goals, kick them, and book yourself a well-earned Christmas treat somewhere different? Don’t leave it till November or December: plan your escape and book now.

Open your mind – not necessarily your wallet!

The Perfect Wave offer a myriad of exciting, affordable options that deliver quality, uncrowded waves for singles, families or groups.

The price comparison between heading up or down the coast, battling crowds, inflated food and accommodation prices in traditional Australian coastal towns or a short flight to PNG, Samoa, Fiji, Bali or Hawaii will surprise you, and that is before we mention the value add of a cultural hit, quality waves and less people in the line up.

So weigh up potential traffic jams, double demerit points, bushfires, onshores, crowds, bluebottles and small waves at all-too-familiar destinations in Australia, or open your mind to new experiences, and try a fresh destination at a similar rate minus the bogan factor.

The north shore of Hawaii is relatively uncrowded post Pipeline Masters, PNG pumps in the summer, the east coast of Bali is a great option, as is Fiji, Samoa, the Solomons, Taiwan or even offseason Mentawai… The list goes on.

Go to go – not to get there.


Papua New Guinea(November – March)

solomon islands(November – March)

caroline islands(November – March)

samoa(October – March)

Maldives – Southern Atolls(February – April)

Hawaii – north shore(November – April)

Bali – Keramas or nusa Dua(September – April)

Fiji(All Year)

Sri Lanka – Southwest Coast(November – April)

taiwan(All Year)

new zealand(All Year)

Peru(December – March)

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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