If you eye a hollow section, you pull in, right?
Bethany ”Inspiration” Hamilton, poised. – Photo by Andy Potts.

Waves don’t discriminate.

Pro or punter, old or young, rich or poor, local or inlander … pffft  – waves don’t care!

I had a bit of an epiphany the other day whilst shivering through a typically underwhelming, cold, winter beach break session, making small talk with a buddy. I found myself wanting more, and our discussion drifted to wondering aloud whether we have already ridden the best waves of our lives?

Post session, we concluded that instead of getting bummed about wearing steamers, feeling slower and less motivated in cold, small beach breaks, we should in fact keep searching, keep dreaming, stay fit and positive and who knows, maybe we haven’t yet ridden the best wave of our lives after all?

I know for sure that anyone can still score the wave of their lives on an Indian Ocean charter or land resort stay.

Waves don’t care who you are.

Waves don’t care whether you have stickers or no stickers on your board, whether you are a pro or a punter.

They don’t know or care about your income level, age, demographic – whatever.

If you eye a hollow section, you pull in, right?If you see an upcoming wall, you lay rail, you see a lip, you crack it!

Travelling opens your mind, the travel, the interaction with local languages, foreign culture, the education, the whole experience.Leave your home beach behind for a week or two – it will all be there when you return.

Andy Potts has been on assignment the past 5 years in the Indian Ocean. Andy said, “Too often the thought of a sharp, scary reef somewhere in the Mentawai or Maldives is just to much to handle. Too many surfers question their own ability.”

“After shooting stills and video in the Mentawai for the past 5 seasons, I have watched the average punter score the barrel of his life on the day of days so many times. It is always the highlight of any trip, capturing that moment is amazing for all involved.”

“There are waves for all levels, ages and incomes in Indo. It is such a myth that the Ments is for shredders only. There’s soft reefs, slabs and everything in between.”

Andy’s vid is proof in the pudding so to speak. Enjoy!

There’s no better time to book a late season charter or land stay than now – there’s still a good 3 months of prime time Indian Ocean swell left.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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