Check out this video taken by the WavePark crew just a couple of weeks ago. In June, the surf in Mentawai has been pumping.

WavePark is the original land – based surf resort that sits in a beautiful bay in the North Mentawai wave zone.

There are dozens of surf options nearby for all levels of surfer.

Names like Kandui, Bank Vaults, Burgerworld, Pitstops and Rifles are all within short travelling distance by the resorts speed boat service.

The great thing about this resort is that there is a world class left-hander right out front.

Hideaways is quite a hectic left-hander, definitely for experienced surfers only when big, but at high tide on a smaller to medium sized day it can be quite workable.

When medium to solid W or SW swell wrap into the bay Hideaways offers a sucky bowl section that gets as perfect as any in the region.

The drop is sharp, with much speed required immediately to make the bowl section, before you can relax and snap a series of high – performance moves on a steep wall, before the wave wraps into the channel.

The crew at WavePark have decades of experience in picking the right spot to hit up in certain conditions. If Hideaways is not ideal out front, or your just looking for a different option, the crew will take you to Telescopes, Icelands, Scarecrows or any other spot you desire to surf.

Written by:
Perfect Wave

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