by Ben Horvath (Photo Gallery by Grant Davis c/o The Perfect Wave)

30 may Suicides

We are well and truly into peak season in the Mentawai now. As good as it has been, we have to be honest and acknowledge that our surf guide Toasty said, “The crowds have increased dramatically in the last week or so.”

More swell is one the way though just in time for the weekend, which will no doubt both spread the crowds far and wide and also thin numbers out at some breaks.

After scanning a dozen or so forecasting websites and consulting our guide on the ground at Aloita – Toasty, and our guest resident photographer Grant Davis general consensus is the swell is at it’s smallest today ahead of an increase in SW groundswell due Saturday June 7.

3 june scarecrows

A solid 6-8ft peak in wave heights is expected in the Ments tomorrow morning, before easing temporarily in the afternoon ahead of a secondary SW pulse on Sunday afternoon, keeping large waves hitting exposed spots ahead of a third push from the S/SW during Monday afternoon June 9.

Monday June 9 is expected to be more consistent than the weekend, but a tad smaller in the 5-6ft-range max.

Tuesday June 10 and Wednesday June 11will be back in the 3-4ft range.

The wind looks favourable over the weekend and early next week. The forecast is for light and variable winds and weak SE trades from Tuesday.

From mid week onwards smaller to medium size swell is expected from the south.

31 may telescopes

Here is a brief late May/Early June Wave Diary from Aloita Surf Resort and Spa to help you get a good idea of what to expect when you visit.

 Monday May 26

Scarecrows: Swell 5ft at 14secs from the SW. The wind was   strong SE, tending SW then NW in the afternoon.

26 may scarecrows dunbar photo

 Tuesday May 27

Icelands: Swell 4ft at 12 secs from the SW. The wind was moderate NE, tending NW. We surfed Ombak Tidur when the wind shifted in the afternoon.

Wednesday May 28

Seven Palms: Swell 3ft at 11 secs from the SSW. The wind was light SE, tending SW.

Thursday May 29

Suicides, then Telescopes: Swell 6ft at 14secs from the SW. The wind was light and variable early tending moderate w later. We surfed 5-6ft suicides, then 5ft telescopes lefts followed by an epic 6-8ft low tide Suicides session before lunch. In the late afternoon we went back and surfed 4-5ft suicides for the late with no one out except a few local kids.

29 may suicides

 Saturday May 31

Telescopes: Swell in the 5-6ft range from the SW at 14 secs and the wind was light SE. Epic day.

Sunday June 1

Telescopes: Swell SW at 15 secs in the 4-5ft range. The wind was light SE, tending variable later. Good waves, minimal crowd.

1 june telescopes

Monday June 2

Suicides: Swell SW, 4ft at 14 secs. The wind was light SE, tending variable later. Nothing-exceptional today.

 Tuesday June 3

Scarecrows: Swell 3-4ft SSW at 15 secs. The wind was light SE early, then variable later. There were a couple of fun 3-4 footers at scarecrows, fun but far from epic.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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