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Interview by Ben Horvath. All photos by Andy Potts.

Grant Quinn is an experienced Manly surfer who grew up at Norah Head on the Central Coast of NSW. Grant has been living in the Manly area for 20 odd years, plumber by trade who was previously a Rusty-sponsored surfer/snowboarder. Grant’s surfed Indo, Hawaii, Tavarua, the Maldives, WA and the east coast of Aus extensively. Grant and his buddies recently returned from his Mentawai surf trip to Aloita Surf Resort. Ben Horvath caught up with Grant for a real quick Q and A.

Ben –  Where are you from,  how old are you, what do you do for work and where do you do most of your surfing?

Grant – I grew up at Norah Head on the Central Coast, but have lived in the Manly area for the last 20 years. I am 44 years old  and am a plumber by trade. I was previously a sponsored snowboarder/surfer with Rusty and I’ve surfed for 35 years.

I have surfed Indo, Hawaii, Tavarua, The Maldives, WA and the east coast of Aus.

Ben – What where the exact dates you and your mates did your Mentawai surf trip to Aloita?

Grant – We were at Aloita Surf Resort from April 29 till May 3.

Ben – Where are most of your crew from and how long you guys been surfing?

Grant – Most of the crew were from the northern beaches and have all been surfing for decades.

Ben – How many days did you have waves?

Grant – We had waves every day, from 3ft to 6ft plus.

Ben – Where did you guys do most of your surfing?

Grant – We surfed around the resort for a few days, Telescopes, 7 Palms etc,  then we hit Playgrounds and HT’s a couple of days. Bank Vaults and HT’s were the two spots where we really scored pumping barrels.

Ben – How many times have you been to the Mentawai?

Grant – This was my first trip to the Mentawai,  I wish it wasn’t. I will be back.

Ben – Prefer boat charter or land camp?

Grant – Aloita the land camp was good, but I may try a boat trip next time just to mix it up.

Ben – Take us through an average HT’s wave from the take-off to the kickout?

Grant – HT’s is basically take off, bottom turn and pull in…hope you don’t hit coral. I did a couple of times, but it was worth it.

Ben – What type of boards did you take to the Mentawai?

Grant – I took two 5 ’10s with rounded pins, and a 6’3 with a rounded pin. Rode the 5’10s the whole time, except HT’s on the big day.

Ben – Would you go back again and would you recommend it to crew?

Grant – Am definitely going back, have recommended it to friends, and told them to book with The Perfect Wave as it was a well organised trip. Thanks.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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