by Ben Horvath; all photos and video by Andy Potts/The Perfect Wave

September was a standout month for Mentawai surf. A chunky swell hit the region during the last few days of August and it was immediately followed by another strong S/SW swell early in September.

The Perfect Wave’s Mentawai photographer Andy Potts said, “Greenbush was on fire. Darren O’Rafferty dominated in some hollow second section Greenbush, and scored an epic two hour window when the tides straightened it up for an all time session.”

Maccas is generally reliable, If the swell direction is favourable – you have waves! Dion Agius and Ozzie took the macaronis machine apart early in September.

A massive SW swell hit on Sunday September 14. Bank Vaults and Suicides were the best options. Bankvaults was 10-12ft and broke dozens of boards, whilst crew were towing solid 8ft Suicides. Telescopes was fun and consistent as the swell tapered off and we even ventured down to HT’s later in the month for a few.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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