Debunking “The Mentawai Myth”

Traditionally, the majority of surfers perceive May through September in the Mentawai as surf season, and most believe it is not not really worth going there “out of season”.

However, in recent years, The Perfect Wave team have been visiting Mentawai in February and March and year after year, we have been scoring quality, uncrowded waves.


Imagine scoring breaks like HT’s, Maccas  or Telescopes on your lonesome, or with a couple of your friends…

Are you sure it is worth going to Mentawai in February and March?

What used to be only select captain and operators’ best kept secrets are now out, as the region becomes more popular.

Many consider Feb/March/April or even November some of the best months to go to Mentawai, if perfect, uncrowded 2-5 foot waves are your thing.

Jamie, The Perfect Wave Director, visited Aloita Surf Resort & Spa last week in late February with his daughter Kali and his friend Undies, who is our resident Kandooma surf guide from April. While Jamie is an experienced surfer and Rob is a real charger, Kali is an 8-year-old grom that only started surfing over a year ago.

And yet, all three found their version of perfect, empty waves in the one place.

Be it easy 2-foot Icelands for Kali, perfect long lefts at Telescopes or fast, powerful, super hollow HT’s.

The Mentawai ticks all the boxes for a quality early-season surf trip.

From Aloita Resort, you can pretty much access 70% of the surf breaks in Mentawai by speedboat. With The Perfect Wave resident surf guide to look after you, chefs dishing out great food daily and pristine beaches and clean, clear and warm water – it’s hard to beat this place, whatever month you decide to go to Mentawai.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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