Clip, words and photos by Andy Potts/The Perfect Wave.

Macaronis is located right in the middle of the three main areas surfed in the Mentawai.

The contour and shape of the reef is so perfect that anyone with plans to build a wave pool should head to The Mentawai and pretty much base their design on Macaronis.

It is that perfect it is machine like.

Macaronis was first surfed back in the early 80’s.

Since then it has been featured in thousands of surf vids, magazines and online features.

Fact is, 30 years on it stills blows minds and creates life long memories for those who choose to make the once in a lifetime journey to the world’s most enjoyable wave.

2015 has been a patchy season in the Mentawai islands with unseasonable winds and a lack of solid swells compared to recent years.

Luckily Macaronis still delivers in all conditions, from small to large, onshore or offshore.

Anyone who hasn’t made the trip to the islands yet, make sure it is top of your bucket list.

There is a very good chance you will score the wave of your life!

You can stay at Macaronis Resort or book one of our many great charter boat options and surf Macaronis and many other Mentawai set ups.


Written by:
Perfect Wave

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