by Ben Horvath
photos and video (c) Andy Potts – photographer on board Oasis Surf Charter and at Aloita Surf Resort.

July 2014 proved to be a very consistent month for the Mentawai surf, with swell after swell ensuring it was a month well worth remembering.

Crowds were also highly manageable. The consistency of swell increased options, and spread the boats. Generally speaking, crowds were not an issue outside of a few days here and there, when unfortunate traffic jam situations occurred in the Playgrounds region.

The epic days when conditions totally aligned occurred on July 17-18, when a solid 6-10ft swell co incided with super light winds. July 23 was pretty special too, with light winds and 6ft plus swell.

The late July swell that peaked in the 6-8ft plus range on July 27 and 28 was near flawless, as light winds and minimal crowds ensured there were multiple options across the archipelago.

The Perfect Wave photographer Andy Potts shot most of the accompanying images whilst aboard the Oasis late in the month. Lucas Angulo and Ryder Guest from Kuai and Colin Deveze from California were the standout surfers aboard.

After north winds limited Mentawai surf options for a few days, the back end of the trip was balanced with perfect weather, limited boats and some of the most epic waves you could ask for.

The most memorable sessions of the trip were down south at perfect 4ft Rags Right, perfect all day Macaronis sessions and finally draining Bintangs.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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