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More and more charter owners and regular Mentawai surfers often book early season trips in the European spring.

The secret is out that Feb through April can produce extremely fun, workable waves in the 3 to 6ft range, minus the maxi swells. There are obviously less people about too, ensuring a win win for all.

What makes the Indian Ocean the best when it comes to producing consistent, perfect waves?

The Indian Ocean is without any shadow of a doubt home to the best waves available in the world, especially if you are after consistency and only have a 10 or 14 day holiday window.

Suprising? Hmmm … maybe – i guess when you consider the Pacific Ocean is the largest, and the Atlantic home to the most violent storms.

What ensures the Indian Ocean delivers the best waves is one critical ingredient – land, or more accurately a lack of land.

When swell producing storms or low pressure systems cross any other ocean they eventually cross land and weaken, but not between the empty Roaring Forties and the Great Southern Ocean, where intense low pressure cells follow a predictable path, delivering SW or S swell after swell to the vast Indonesian archipelago, and then later up towards The Maldivian atolls as well.

Most European surfers book their Mentawai surf charter or resort holiday during the European summer, purely because June through to September never falls to deliver in Indonesia.

Consistent swell and reliable offshore trade winds pretty much guarantee epic waves and all sorts of variety.

Whether you are targeting 6ft barrels or fun 3ft walls The Mentawai Island chain will deliver.

All who visited the archipelago last European summer will attest to how incredibly consistent it was.

Make sure you watch the above 2014 Mentawai surf charter clip and begin planning your 2015 surf holiday now.

The same swells that hit Indonesia deliver the goods in the Maldives too, except that the latitude is a little higher and the SE exposure means the swells have slightly less energy by  the time they reach the Atolls. Still though, there is no shortage of rippable 2 to 6ft waves for all levels. Check this excellent 2014 Highlights clip from Kandooma Resort to give you an idea what to expect wave-wise in the Maldives.

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