by Ben Horvath

Despite the current bath like water temperatures on the East Coast of Australia, as Easter, school holidays, and eventually winter approach, it is inevitable that your thoughts will soon turn to purchasing a new steamer and where you would like to escape for a winter surfing holiday.

Aussie surf
Winter surfing in Australia – it can get crowded on some beaches, especially in cities

The boss (Jamie) and his family are off to watch Bells next week – always a blast. My years of experience at Bells as a former junior “Contest Head,” surf mag and surf forecasting site editor tell me late Easters are generally good Easters at Bells – there is an increased likelihood of swell and favourable offshore winds aligning during a late Easter event window.

Time will tell of course, but one call I can make with absolute certainty is that any hint of a hangover is always more bearable during late Easters, as land temps are generally cooler and more pleasant, therefore more comfortable for slothing about.

Talking of hangovers, a quick survey around the office reveals Charlie may be headed to the mid north coast – never any hangovers at The Pierce Blueys Beach holiday house, hey Charlie? Never!

Most of my work colleagues are planning to stay put and hang local in “Gods Country,” on the northern beaches to avoid the inevitable Easter crowds and traffic. Don’t blame them. Besides, Sylv never leaves Narrabeen – anyway, except for a trip to The Maldives – Kandooma or Six Senses to be precise. Adam will be hitting Curl Curl for “less crowded” late surfs, Crankshaft will be dawn patrolling at Dee Why, Kimbo will be clubbing Manly style, our French connection Loz-Dawg and Tom will be stalking babes in Manly, Bruno will be busy getting married in Peru, Swedish Sara will be working out, Gina will be stoking customers out, and me, well, I’m from the dark side, so I will be pondering a quick south coast escape, pending conditions, traffic and the crowd situation.

When those that do go away return home, all will no doubt question whether domestic holidays are as expensive or fulfilling as an overseas surf trip? How was the traffic? Many people in the water? Did you lose any points? How much did it cost?

My advice – think twice about the potential $500 on the steamer, perhaps persist with last year’s model and ponder channelling your savings towards a Maldives surf adventure to prolong your endless summer.


Hell, maybe even pull back on the Easter or school hols domestic holiday, and have a good look at our Maldives specials.

Right now as the weather and water cools in Australia, a surf in Maldives on a charter is looking like a mighty fine, highly affordable alternative. Early season reports have been extremely positive with magic weather, smallish, but super clean, consistent, and rippable 3-4 footers. Swell consistency and size improve in April – May, and of course generally peak in June – August.


There is something for everyone in the Maldives. The coming months are prime time wave and weather-wise to get away from it all and enjoy some of the warmest, most pristine water you will ever experience. It is a tropical island paradise and you will have no complaints taking your non-surfing partner and or family for a couple of weeks either.


The Perfect Wave have some incredible deals on 2014 season charters right now:

1988 World Champion Barton Lynch’s Carpe Vita Coaching surf trip is also rapidly approaching. There are only 2 spots left, so click here if you don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to surf and hang out with Barton.

Alternatively, you can also get coached by Nam Baldwin, the coach of world champion Mick Fanning. We are running 2 breath hold, wellness & vitality trips on Carpe Vita in September.

Make sure you also read our Endless Summer travel guideit provides a great month by month guide on which country is ideal to visit when.

PS. If you book your Maldives surf charter trip by Easter Friday, beer is on us! We will take $100 per person OFF your bar bill.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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