Two weeks ago we revealed one of the most commonly asked questions you guys ask our team of surf experience specialists:

The Maldives or the Mentawai? Which destination does The Perfect Wave recommend?

I was thoroughly entertained by the depth, diversity and passionate responses we received both by email and on our Facebook page.

Steve Kaiser e-mailed: “Just have to chime in, having surfed both, and boat-based every time. In the Maldives, it is all about reef passes, so you better be paddle fit…. the reefs are very forgiving though in terms of what lies beneath. In the Mentawai, most reefs are much less forgiving.”

Matt Pearce e-mailed: “I vote for Mentawai as it gives me an excuse to do a few days in Bali to break up the journey and surf there too. However, if we are talking about a family holiday, then Maldives all the way.”

On the other hand, Matt Holmes and Tony Nicod commented on Facebook and agreed: “Hands down, the Ments has greater diversity of gruntier and more consistent waves!

Jim Tyler said, “For me the Maldives has it all. I do an annual charter with friends and we always score fun sized, clean, consistent reef waves.”

As you can see even in that small sample, four completely different perspectives.

The Mentawai won the voting when respondents were talking wave size and the variety, however the Maldives rated well in terms of swell consistency, convenience and safety.

For what it is worth, the Maldives won the overall voting by the smallest of margins 52% to 48%, but most of you mentioned that both are a must-surf destination for every surfer keen to explore and score a variety of surf breaks.

I found it interesting to note that quite a few responses referred to the Telo Islands and Banyaks as similar in some ways to the Maldives – slightly more forgiving waves/reefs but less crowded. I’ll have more on that in a couple of weeks.

The most important point of this email though, is to announce that we have extended our early bird deals for both regions over the busy Christmas break until February 1 for convenience and as a service to you.

Make sure you take advantage of the savings and score one or the other – if not both – this year.

Mentawai 2016 Specials

(Extended until February 1)

From US$1240 for 7 nights (flight extra)

  • Early Bird Deals
  • Resorts and Boats for all budgets
  • Uncrowded wave destinations
  • The Perfect Wave’s own operations

Maldives 2016 Early Bird Deals

(Extended until February 1)

From US$770 for 7 nights (flight extra)

  • Maldives Early Bird Deals
  • Resorts with a wave out front
  • Surf charters for all budgets
  • The Perfect Wave’s own operations

Southern Maldives solitude. – Photo Bob Fawcett.
Colourful, clean dream. Maldives charter. – Photo

Don’t forget Cokes Surf Camp, Maldives land-based option. – Photo
Scarecrows deeper water Mentawai reef. – Photo Andy Potts.
Maldives looking like Ments. – Photo
Kandooma from the air. – Photo
Ments can be fun and forgiving too. – Photo Sebastien Imizcoz.
Treasure Island – The Banyaks is the new black. – Photo Craig Parry

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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