Indonesia is not at its prime yet, although if you find a group of 10 mates, you can organize an exclusive charter and score some really good waves without sharing them with too many other surfers – especially if you have a good surf guide. But ultimately, we agreed that a surf trip to Maldives Southern Atolls takes the cake! Gaafu-Dhaalu Atoll, often referred to as the ‘Southern Atolls’, is located in the most southern point of the Maldives, some 14 hours by boat from the furthest Atoll in the central region, Laamu.

As surfers we are constantly trying to find empty surf breaks with no one else around, except a few mates on your own boat.

Although there are some boats operating around the Southern Atolls, the ‘crowd factor’ is nothing compared to that of North Male. Of all the Maldives surf spots the waves in the Southern Atolls definitely remain among the most secluded and paradyllic locations in the Maldives.

Gaafu Dhaalu is best known for waves like Beacons, Tiger Stripes, 5 Islands and Castaways with most of these waves breaking over shallow reef bottoms normally into a deep water channel some 100 – 200 yards down the line. The Southern Atolls is known to have the most powerful waves due to the south direction it faces smack bang in the middle of the Indian Ocean, receiving plenty of swell from a S and SW facing direction.

Although the waves in this region tend to be very seasonal, you can still get waves most of the time between Jan and October with varying winds throughout the season. The best time to go is between February and May when winds are blowing from an Easterly direction and are therefore ‘offshore’ causing waves like Beacons to stand up and throw a wide open barrel section from almost start to finish. Maldives surf is generally not known for heaving freight-train barrels like Indo, but it definitely comes close on a big day at Beacons!

The Southern Atolls as a whole is generally recommended for intermediate and advanced surfers. Apart from Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll you also have Addu atoll which is even further south and it has slowly started to become more explored by surfers. The best waves in this area include the likes of Madihera and Shangri-La’s. Although the quality isn’t as good as Gaafu Dhaalu, Addu is still definitely worth checking out on your Maldives surf trip.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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