If you are travelling on a budget, then usually luxuries like hot water, air conditioning, private chef, private drivers and daily massages aren’t too high on the priorities list. As long as you have a roof over your head, healthy carb-loading meals to keep your energy up and somewhere to sleep after a long day catching wave after wave the cheap surf trip is still high on a lot of surfers’ priority list.

That is why The Perfect Wave team have brainstormed together and come up with the most popular budget surf trips all over the world. So if you are thinking about travelling on a budget in the future this should be very useful to you.


Aman Gati Hotel, Lakey Peak – Indonesia

You can stay here for 7 nights for approx $600, which includes all domestic flights from Bali to Bima, airport transfers, air conditioned villa and as much surfing as you want at a range of surf breaks like Lakeys, Periscopes and Nungas.

Nomad Lodge, Keramas – Indonesia

7-night package will set you back about $700, including all meals, airport transfers, a massive air conditioned villa, swimming pool, TV theatre room, games room and best of all: your personal surf guide to drive you around to the breaks and surf with you. Nomad Lodge is only 10 mins walk to the famous Keramas Right and 7 breaks within 30mins drive is another great reason to book here.



Cokes Surf Camp, Nth Male – Maldives

7 nights packages for less than $1,000. Includes all meals, airport transfers, surf guide, world-class right-hander literally at your door step, world class left-hander across the channel, friendly locals. Quality!!!



Stardust Hotel, Arugam Bay – Sri Lanka

A week at Stardust is less than $500! Includes breakfast daily, and lunches and dinners can be purchased for under $5 a pop. Rooms are fan-cooled and right on the beach in front of the famous Arugam Bay point. Other breaks are within walking distance. A very cool town, definitely worth checking out.



Keyhole Surf Camp, Nias – Indonesia

10 nights for less than $700! All Meals, air conditioned room, world class right hander out the front…doesn’t get any better does it? A great budget surf camp!


Bobby’s Surf Camp, G-Land – Indonesia

Option of 6, 9, 12 nights from $800 – $1500 including all meals, speedboat transfers from Bali, beachside accommodation and surfing at one of the best left handers in the world!



Partama, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa – Indonesia

6 night/7 day budget surf charters. Get a group or go by yourself for less than $1000 each. All Meals, surf guide, surf at some world class waves like Lakey Peak, Shipwrecks, Dessert Point, Yoyo’s, Super suck and Scar reef.



Hotel Maison, Biarritz – France

An old mansion in the centre of Biarritz. Partners with a local surf school and guiding company but if this isn’t your think…hire a car and surf up and down the miles of coastline available. Under $800 per person for 7 nights.



Written by:
Ben Horvath

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