Occy is fit and in form. – Photo Andy Potts.
Occy is fit and in form. – Photo Andy Potts.

Who is your favourite surfer and where is your fave surf destination?

Both great questions to stimulate fun, light-hearted discussion amongst buddies that inevitably come up on boat trips, on a drive down the coast or at BBQ’s or parties.

Of course, both are also highly subjective topics that have no right or wrong answers, and will always be influenced by your age, where you come from, your sense of style, surfing ability and so many other variables we can’t possibly delve into in this limited space.

My top twenty fave surfers, purely to help trigger discussion, would be Mickey Dora, Curren, Archie, Occy, MP, MR, Lopez, Midget, Bob McTavish, Alby Falzon, Buttons, Greenough, Peter Crawford, Kelly, AI, Steph, Pam, Barton Lynch, Michael Mackie and Gary Hughes.

The best thing is that The Perfect Wave work very closely with four of the above absolute legends of global surfing history.

Barton loving life in the Maldives. – Photo Saltmotion
Barton loving life in the Maldives. – Photo Saltmotion

Mark Occhilupo, Barton Lynch, Pam Burridge and Bob McTavish, three World Champions and a legendary trailblazing pioneer, are all Perfect Wave ambassadors.

We are excited and extremely proud to offer you the chance to join one of the below unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in 2017.

These individual, boutique, Signature Series Experiences have strictly limited numbers, yet highly accessible rates.

All trips will sell out rapidly, so get in early to secure your spot, and be able to brag to your friends and family that you were part of a really special experience.

When it comes to destinations, the Maldives is a common favourite with all four of our ambassadors.

All four surfers list the variety, the consistency, safety and riding the user friendly reef breaks as prime reasons to schedule their trips in the Maldives.

Pam Burridge and shaper Mark Rabbidge chilaxed at Kandooma.
Pam Burridge and shaper Mark Rabbidge, chillaxed at Kandooma.


The always smiling Bobby Mac.
The always smiling Bobby Mac.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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