Boat operators and clued-in Mentawai regulars have been booking early season Mentawai surf experiences in Feb, March and April for years.

Word is well and truly out that late summer/early autumn (Australian time) delivers super-fun, rippable surf in the 2 to 6ft range in the Ments, minus the macking swells. There are infinitely less surfers around too, meaning more waves for you.

What makes the Indian Ocean Number 1 when it comes to delivering a constant production line of swell after perfect swell?

The main reason the Indian Ocean produces the most consistent, perfect waves is due to a lack of landmass in the main swell corridor.

That is – when deep, low-pressure systems traverse any other ocean, they cross major landmass and weaken, but there is no real large chunks of land between the empty Roaring Forties and the Great Southern Ocean, where intense lows deliver a congo line of SW or S swells for months on end across the vast Indonesian archipelago, and up into the Maldives as well.


Most Australian surfers book their Mentawai surf trips during the Australian winter, because it is common knowledge that June through to September always pumps in Indonesia.

Reliable offshore trade winds brush the never-ending lines of groundswell into corduroy, guaranteeing epic waves and all sorts of variety for all levels of surfer.

Whether you are targeting 6 to 8ft pits or fun 3ft walls, the Mentawai Island chain never lets you down.

Everyone who went to Indonesia last Australian winter will vouch for how good a season it was.

Do view the above 2014 Mentawai highlights clip, and begin planning your 2015 surf holiday now.

The very same swells that light up Indo deliver the goods in the Maldives too, althought the latitude is a little higher. The SE exposure means the waves are usually just a tad crusier by the time they reach the Atolls. Still though, there is no shortage of rippable 2 to 6ft waves for all levels. In fact, one could argue more surfers are suited to the generally more accessible conditions the Maldives offers. Check this excellent 2014 Highlights clip from Kandooma Resort to give you an idea what to expect wave-wise in the Maldives.


Written by:
Jamie Gray

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