Mentawai surf report: WavePark Resort


In late June we experienced some of the best waves that we have seen in recent years.  It was dubbed #muzzaswell or #xxlindianocean by social media and some fantastic videos and images have already surfaced of the sessions.

Of course, WavePark was right amongst it, documenting with video and photographs.  You’ll see some photographs below, and the video “Timeline of a Swell” (above) is their version of events.  We decided that all surfing fans might enjoy seeing the swell build from 2ft to 12ft and the variety of waves as the sessions progressed.  Each chapter is preceded by their favorite swell chart, showing the time of each session on the line graph.

We’d like to thank all the musicians that submitted their music for consideration.  Jeany Alter, Love Story in Blood Red and The Easton Ellises all got the nod this time around.

We hope you’re getting wet wherever you are.


Written by:
Perfect Wave

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