Mentawai surf report on three fun days from May 21 to 24, 2016 at S Resort Aloita.
Saturday May 21 dawned without a breath of wind.  After checking Telescopes, Terry steered us towards 7 Palms.  There was no one out and some solid, silky 3-5ft lefts were there to welcome us. The exodus from the boat was understandably swift.  The unusual group (comprised of 5 Kiwis,  a Dutchman and a lone German) surfed for the next 2 hours,  picking off some really nice runners and the occasional barrel.  The swell was getting a little too big for the reef to handle with a few wider sets so Terry pulled anchor. We motored the short distance to Scarecrows and were met with more glassy conditions,  the same size but running down the point.  The waves were so good, a late late lunch at S Resort Aloita was on order;  another fantastic hour session.  With the strong NW wind coming up in the afternoon, the cold Bintang at the bar and the massage table at the spa were the preferred option.
Seven Palms - photo by G. Davis
Seven Palms – photo by G. Davis

A trip to the fabled Lance’s Right was our plan for Sunday.  We arrived to chunky 4-6ft kegs with a little wobble from the previous day’s north winds.  The waves were very surfable all morning though and most of the crew had a solid crack.  As the tide dropped the seemingly clockwork west winds arrived just after lunchtime.  This changed the wave into the epic right hand barrels that we all know and love.  After everyone had had their fill we hit the road (ocean) and back to S Resort Aloita to recount tales of the days conquests.
Lances Right - photo by G. Davis
Lances Right – photo by G. Davis

NW winds forecast for the day,  so another trip, this time to Playgrounds.  Pulling up to an empty clean 3-5ft A-frame’s line up, the call was easy. We spent all morning trading mainly lefts with a smattering of rights.  In between surfs, the crew quickly ate lunch on the boat and we’re back out there. With the wind persisting from the SW direction, we headed over the channel to Four Bobs.  The wave was super clean and throwing up 3ft skatepark-like right-handers,  again we had it to ourselves and surfed until near exhausted.
Four Bobs - photo by G. Davis
Four Bobs – photo by G. Davis

It’s been non-stop here in the Mentawai and the forecasts is looking even more epic.
No doubt we will have another update real soon.

Words, photos and clip by TPW’s resident S Resort Aloita photographer Grant Davis

20160521seven palms drone-DJI_0019 - Copy
20160521seven palms-_H5A8163 - Copy
20160521seven palms-_H5A8343 - Copy
20160522lances right-_H5A0847 - Copy
20160522lances right-_H5A2127 - Copy
20160522lances right-_H5A2161 - Copy
20160522lances right-_H5A2308 - Copy
20160522lances right-IMG_1306 - Copy
20160522lances right-IMG_1326 - Copy
20160522lances right-IMG_1387 - Copy
20160523A frames-_H5A3639 - Copy
20160523A frames-_H5A4318 - Copy
20160523A Frames-_H5A4828 - Copy
20160523Four bobs-_H5A5060 - Copy
20160523Four bobs-_H5A5268 - Copy

Written by:
Grant Davis

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