G’day all!

Our friends from Aileoita Surf Charter in Mentawai have sent us this surf report and photos. The surf breaks featured in the photo gallery are Bankvaults, Burgerworld, Iceland, Nipussi, Kandui and Scarecrows.

Seb from Aileoita says:

It was my time, the Aileoita 1 was well guided by Bruno Veiga in the last 2 trips, but I was ready to be back on the islands. This time it where long time guest, so they know which waves they want to surf, and they decided not to go down south. The swell was barely dropping before a new one will came, and we bet all for Kandui; anyway we had to wait for the right tides, so we do a warm up at Bankvaults, and by 11, the day of the swell we show up a Kandui, the waves were going off. Not too big, but really perfect barrels. The swell was supposed to drop a bit, and we moved to the Telescopes area, the most south we went on this trip. There we got some fun empty waves at Scarecrows and Iceland. Especially one late session at Iceand with a solid size. This trip was just 9 days, shorter than the usual trips of 11 days. Now I’m heading back to Padang, to get everything ready for the next trip, that will be 14 nights, so stocked to be that long on Paradise.


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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