Telescopes Tunnel of love. – Photo Dunbar c/o TPW
Telescopes Tunnel of love. – Photo Dunbar c/o TPW
By Jamie Gray | Video by Andy Potts

Surely nothing can top going on a surf trip in paradise with some of your best friends?

In my mind it is right up there with the birth of your children or your national team winning the world cup.

I try to make time once a year to head over to one of my favourite surfing destinations on earth – The Mentawai Islands.

It is difficult to organise my team of friends, but generally we set a date 6 months in advance and whoever can make it jumps in.

We have been doing this for the best part of a decade, so you may imagine we would of suffered through the occasional trip when the waves didn’t co – operate?

Not so – for some reason – we tend to book during peak season and always tend to score.

Besides you have to remember it is not always about the waves. Sometimes you really have to – “Go to go, not necessarily to get there.”

Boys will be boys and what goes on tour, stays on tour.

You only live once right, all surfers deserve to do a mates trip at least a few times in their busy lives.

Pick your spot and get on the phone to your friends now.





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