by Ben Horvath
Photos courtesy Joey Melroy D’Bora Surf Guide and Tengirri Surf Charters
Lance's Left
Lance’s Left

The Indian Ocean really does deserve to take a chill pill.

Huey flicked the switch mid August turning up the volume from 6 out of 10, to more like an 8 or 9 in September and October.

Since the early October mega swell, there was a follow up 4to 5ft pulse and then a week of 3 to 4ft fun, before fading back to 1-2ft end of season normality late in the month.

The entire Indonesian archipelago was awash with swell courtesy of that major southern ocean storm early in the second week of October. A storm many were calling one of the biggest of the last decade. The good ship Tengirri snuck into a little bay that served up chocolate coloured round barrels for days on end. (See photos.)

In comparison to the first fortnight of October the second half of the month was pretty mellow, and way more in line with what usually goes down at the tail end of the season.

D’Bora surf guide Joey Melroy said, “Fortunately for us the Indian Ocean is the stormiest ocean on the globe, so she never rests for long. It is still overhead at a bunch of spots when flat in the Mentawai. Our season just wrapped up with our last trip of the year ending on Oct. 31. We still enjoyed fun sized surf at some of the swell magnets, and we surfed by ourselves half of the time. The last day of the trip we scored really clean conditions at least a couple of feet overhead. We scored Lances Left pumping in the morning and a Lances Right barrel session in the afternoon before we pulled anchor and headed back to Padang. What a great note to end the trip and the season on.”

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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