Matt Hoy is a hard rocking ex pro surfer from Merewether, Newcastle.

Hoy is an extremely proud clubman who led his beloved Merewether Boardriders Club to victory just last weekend in The Kirra Teams Titles. Mathews competitive career dates well back to his famous victory in The Pro Junior back in 1991. Hoy won three World Championship Tour events and was ranked in the top ten three times.

He appeared in more than a dozen surf videos, including Surfers of Fortune and Performers III. Matt has been sponsored by Quiksilver for two decades and in recent years has started shaping some epic boards, experimenting with single fins and retro styles. Grab a coffeee or a beer and watch the embedded clip where Hoy proudly discusses his relatively recent shaping inspiration.

Matt Hoy is hosting his second annual “Come Surf with Your Hero” trip with The Perfect Wave at beautiful Nomad Tropical Surf Resort Sumbawa from May 3 – 11, 2014 and you are invited (only 6 spots left from max 10). Not only will Hoy be taking you surfing, hosting evening beers and the odd round or two of golf, but he will also give you advice on your surfing, quiver and have you in stitches at the bar sharing some tales from the tour. Last year the crew scored the swell of the season. The Perfect wave’s Ben Horvath caught up with Hoy for a quick Q and A. Have a read and make sure you check out some of the photos and clips from last year’s trip here and book your 2014 adventure now.

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Ben Horvath (BH) – How was the first trip with The Perfect Wave you hosted last May?

Matt Hoy (Hoy) – The first trip I hosted with Ry Craike last May was insane. We scored absolutely perfect waves with a really cool, diverse bunch of people from all over the world. The accommodation, service and food were first class.  Oh, and did I mention the beer tasted really good as well.

BH – I thought it was a ringing endorsement that you straight up booked your 2014 trip the day you got back last year?

Hoy –Yep, the day I got home from last year’s epic trip I rang The Perfect Wave to book the exact same week in May – that’s how good it was.

BH –  You were calling Nomad Surf Resort, Sumbawa, the best surf resort you’ve ever been too.  That is a massive call.  I am sure you have been to a bunch over the years with all your time on tour and with Quiksilver?

Hoy – I know it’s a big call, but I think Nomad is the best surf resort I’ve been to, and yep I sure have been to a few. The location for a start is epic with a great pool, a couple of fun little waves out front, some mental set ups down the road and beautiful surrounds. The  food was amazing, you could eat whenever you wanted; add the bar and service and there you have it!

BHTell us about the variety of waves there?

Hoy – there are all sorts of setups ranging from super fun beach break type right reefs (Yo-yos) to fun rippable lefts (Nomads) when it’s small, but when the swell hits there’s thick hollow grinding lefts (Supers, Scars) and even more waves come on down the coast that we didn’t even get to surf

BH – How many trips to Indo do you think you have done in your career?

Hoy – I’ve been going up to Indo since 1991 and have probably been there 30 times over the years. I’ve travelled all through the north, but have never explored much south-east of Bali. That is why I froth so much on Nomad Resort Sumbawa.

BH – Does Indo in general still rate as right up there as the spot to go for Hoy?

Hoy – Indo to me is still one of the best surf trips you can do. There are so many different types of waves, whether you want barrelling lefts, bowling rights, perfect peaks or beachies – Indo has them all. The people and the food also make this place unique.

BHWhat boards did you take?

Hoy – On last year’s trip, I took a fun board (fish twin single), two normal shortboards and a step up.  I usually fill my board bag with all it can fit, just in case.

BHYou were slightly apprehensive about the hosting gig first time round. Now you love it and are psyched to host at least one trip annually, right?

Hoy – True, I was a bit apprehensive about doing the first trip just because I didn’t know what to expect, but once I did it, I was so stoked not only with the waves and the resort, but with all the cool people I met and the good times we had. Get on board for this May 2014 trip and you will have a good time.  That I can guarantee!

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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