If you have heard anything about surfing in Fiji, you’ve probably heard about the heavies of Cloudbreak. This spot is located a short boat ride away from Tavarua Island, about a mile from the Tavarua Surf Resort. Although it looks calm at first, Cloudbreak might be one of the toughest surf spots in Fiji, and also one of the most consistent – you are all-but-guaranteed some tube time here.

Experienced riders will explain to you the three different parts of this break: The point (or the top), and the middle, both quite rippable, and then there is the section they called the “Shish Kebabs” (or the inside), where the reef is quite shallow – so be careful.  The best swells at Cloudbreak are anything from the south.


CC by Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer


Desparations is one of those good old friends that you can always count on; while this spot doesn’t have the killer tubing you’ll find elsewhere, the swells are small, fast and consistent.  The reef here is quite shallow so it is safer to hit Desparations at high tide, and look to ride when the winds are coming from the east. It is also located off the shore of Tavarua.


Restaurants is a surf break that sits right along the edge of an exposed reef. Sometimes, it’s flat and sometimes you’ll be amped on the most perfect surf break in the world – even better than Cloudbreak. The reef below it is full of coral and rocks that can do some damage, so don’t surf here at low tide. For best conditions, wait until the winds are coming out of the east/southeast.

Wilkes Passage

The Wilkes Passage (a.k.a. Wilkes) is such a great spot for surfers of all levels, making it perfect if your crew has a mixture of experience levels. For this reason, Wilkes can be popular and sometimes crowded. While the exposed reef break is rather consistent, aim for the right hand of the reef, which drops you off to enjoy the safety of the deep channel.


Last but not least is Lighthouse, sometimes known as the “crazy” surf because you have to be crazy to ride it! The Lighthouse break is very inconsistent and often flat, but when the conditions are right, you’ll be able to drop in and get fast powerhouse lefts and rights. This hollow run is definitely one for the pros, though you can share in the stoke by just watching the action from shore.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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