Photos by Joel Coleman | (c) 2013

Cloudbreak, FijiWell, what a trip! The Perfect Wave team are currently in Fiji along with Joel Coleman from Saltmotion Photography. The reason of the trip? A brand new surf charter that has just commenced its operations – The Regina. If there is an excuse to check out a new surf experience first hand to make sure that clients we send all around the world are in capable hands, our team will jump on the chance to sample the goods in no time. These are the lengths we go for you guys!

So Josh, Charlie and Jamie teamed up and flew over to Fiji to research the destination. Our favourite photographer and fellow surf traveller Joel has been updating us with his amazing pictures. Here’s what he had to say about the last couple of days:

For those regular readers of this daily blog you will know I was in Fiji a few weeks ago, surfing a mystery wave somewhere on the outer islands. Well a group of us have decided to come back for a few days to put some sunshine on our winter skins and surf ourselves to a standstill. We have chartered ‘The Regina’ and are currently anchored up just in front of the famed Cloudbreak reef.

Today, Early this morning we woke to an amazing sight, Cloudbreak, the famed Fijian surf break barreling down the line in all its glory. The only catch was there were a lot of people out to sample the swell… We rolled the dice and broke the first rule of surfing: ‘never leave waves to find waves’. But our gamble paid dividends when we surfed an empty right to ourselves all morning, had a fun session at a smaller left, then returned to Cloudbreak in the afternoon and surfed it on our own…

Fiji has some of the most beautiful waves on the planet so I decided to run with empty wave images in this post. I am sure you agree they are the are the kind of waves you dream about, the kind you can ‘mind-surf’ for hours. And we had ‘em all day and mostly to ourselves…

Well, enjoy Joel’s images and if you want to jump on Regina and score some Fiji perfection, you know who to contact 🙂

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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