by Ben Horvath
Gallery by D’Bora Surf Charter (Joey Melroy) and Tengirri Surf Charter

The six-week Australian east coast flat spell during August and September has been well documented. Dominant high-pressure systems have been pushing cold fronts and low pressure systems well to the south, the same systems that have delivered multiple big swells to the southern states of WA, SA, Victoria and Tasmania.

Fortunately, the Indonesian archipelago and The Maldives have been profiting from the succession of intense low pressure systems tracking across the Indian Ocean.

Mysto August Left
Mysto August Left (photo: Joey Melroy)

Joey Melroy, surf guide on one of The Perfect Wave’s most popular Mentawai charter boats – D’Bora, said, “August and September have probably been two of the best months of the 2013 season.  Admittedly the start to the season was a bit slow and intermittent without too many sizeable swells, but by August it just turned on, and it hasn’t stopped since.”

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Beautiful fun, clean day at HT’s in August
Beautiful fun, clean day at HT’s in August (photo: Joey Melroy)

Joey added, “September 3-8 was definitely one of the best weeks, breaks like Greenbush, Rifles and certain waves farther afield where D’Bora was hiding, were going off for days on end.”

“Last year, September and October were the best months, and this year’s late season is setting up similarly.”

The good ship Tengirri has constantly been on the move through Mentawai since last month’s update. Anthony from Tengirri said, “Our late August charter was pretty good, but the swell didn’t drop below overhead for the first 10 days of September. Early September was definitely one of the swells of the season.”

Backhand shack time
Backhand shack time (photo: Tengirri surf charters)

Bali’s been pretty consistent too. Regular Indo journeyman Steve Dewey spent 3 weeks in late August surfing in his words, “unfashionable breaks well past Canggu in the 3-5ft range just about every day with a handful of guys.”

Outside corner Ulu’s was pretty chunky during the early Sept swell, and Padang turned on from Sept 3 for several days too.”

G-Land too was reportedly 5-6ft with some nice bigger ones from The Ledge into Moneytrees on September 2. On September 3 it was pretty wild in the 6-8ft plus range, a bit untidy early, but as the trade wind strengthened and the tide started to run out, it tidied up and some incredible waves were ridden in between the 10ft wash-throughs.

Belangan firing early Sept swell
Belangan firing early Sept swell (Photo: The Perfect Wave)

The forecast for the next week or two is looking all time.

Coastalwatch chief forecaster Benny Mac said, “An active Indian Ocean storm track sees a succession of large SSW groundswells overlapping across the Indonesian Archipelago through the last week of September and early October. A New SSW groundswell in the 8-10ft range is expected to peak on exposed breaks this Friday September 27. Next Monday September 30 is looking like being 8ft plus too.”

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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