Bali Surf Recap; supplied by S Resort Hidden Valley.
Greetings from the island of Bali! The last week of May 2016 has seen a steady delivery of swell from the Indian Ocean in the head-high to double-over-head range lighting up the Bukit.
Surfers were met with some outstanding conditions with Monday the 30th of May being the peak.
Padang Padang was the go to spot with those conditions you dream about while stuck behind your desk at work.
Not to be out-done, Uluwatu was dishing up some solid waves with only a few of the crew getting amongst it.
Though it did make a great place to kick back and have a beer as the locals and well-seasoned vets did their thing.
Moving down the road to Impossibles, swell lines could be seen coming from as far as the eye could see and peeling perfectly on the reef as they have done for eternity.
There were a select crew really putting on a show out there, getting some 300-plus meter rides.
Rizal and the boys even had the jet ski doing step-offs at one stage.
Bingin had its moments before the swell really kicked into gear, though the hide-tide session made for some great inside cabins for those who where brave enough to go.
Wednesday June 1 backed off quite a bit with the ocean having a breather, but the charts are showing another solid SSW swell forecasted to arrive from June 2nd.
The next week of waves is looking better than the last so I think it’s fair to say it’s all systems go over here.
Stay posted for another update as the swell unfolds!

  • Weather – Sunny.
  • Water – 29 degrees.
  • Vibe – stoked, shakkas all-round.

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Written by:
Chris Peel

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