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The Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu) property is 438 acres of tropical forest, rice terraces and grasslands wrapped around the stunning 2.5-kilometer long Nihiwatu beach. This world-class beach is protected on both ends by cliffs and headlands, ensuring total exclusivity for the guests.

All accommodation faces the ocean and is fitted with air-conditioning, mini bars, safes, hot water and bathroom facilities. Nihi Sumba Island is situated on one of the premier lefts in Indonesia, and the resort strives to restrict the number of surfers booked into the resort to only 10 or less at any one time.

Quick Facts
    • 10 surfers maximum
    • Occy's left out front
    • Jungle & hilltop spa
    • 2.5km long beach
    • Beach horse riding
    • Diving available

Nihi Sumba (formerly Nihiwatu) is an exclusive resort in a stunning pristine and untouched environment of Indonesian Island Sumba, offering you privacy, eco-friendly luxury and comfort. With a great diving sites, cycling tracks and a world-class left-hander to surf at your doorstep, this is the perfect place for your honeymoon or a surf holiday with your partner and/or family.


Nestled next to a beautiful 2.5-kilometer long Nihiwatu beach, with a tropical forest and grasslands as a backdrop, this stunning property offers complete exclusivity and solitude. Its world-class beach is protected by cliffs and headlands on both ends.


The resort consists of:

  • 11 estates, 27 villas comprising of 1 – 5 bedrooms.
  • Home to the world’s most exclusive wavebreak – Occy’s left
  • NihiOka Spa Safari – A 90-minute trek through rolling countryside hills, expansive rice fields and a traditional Sumbanese village concluding at a private cliff spa.


All offering complete solitude in air-conditioned comfort with everything one needs in an idyllic tropical setting. The thatched roofed bungalows and villas, hand-built by Indonesian craftsman using local materials, have balcony views over the whole stretch of beach the sea and the cliffs beyond.


On the beach below, nestled under a grove of Pandanus trees, is the jungle spa and close by is a rustic boat house and bar that is the focus of a myriad of daytime water-sport activities. Just uphill and overlooking the full length of Nihiwatu beach is a swimming pool area where you can lose yourself to the views for hours on end.


Make sure you visit Jungle and Beach Spas to refresh the body and soul. Enjoy a massage or body treatments, or participate in a private or group yoga session. 


The Estates:

Kasambi (1- four bedroom suites), Southwest-facing, overlooking the famous surf breaks of Nihiwatu. Two luxurious suites (56 m2) share a private plunge pool. One family villa with two luxurious suites (56 m2) share a large infinity pool.

Lantoro (1- four bedroom suites), Southwest-facing, sitting on a hill with a view of the sunset. Two luxurious suites (56 m2) with a private plunge pool each. One family villa with two luxurious suites (56 m2) share a large infinity pool.

Wamoro (1- four bedroom suites), West-facing and set on a secluded hill. Two double-storey deluxe suites (50m2) with their own private plunge pool. One family villa with two luxurious suites (50 m2)share a private pool each.

Luxury Suites (6- one bedroom suites); bedroom range sized 140m2 to 160m2 completed with bathroom open to gardens, large teak deck and a plunge pool.

Luxury Villas (3- two bedroom suites); bedrooms range sized 140m2 to 160m2 per room with each bathroom open to gardens, large front decks completed with a living room, a kitchen, a bar and a large infinity pool.


Marangga Wave Front Pavilion (4 -one bedroom suites), west facing, one bedroom(48,3 m2)outdoor shower, bathtub, day bed, outdoor dining & lounge, terrace & decking, plunge pool (3,4m x 6,1 m).

Lulu Amahu 1 (1-two bedroom suites)west facing, one master bedroom (27,8 m2) connecting to one kids bedroom ( 19,3m2), one en-suite sharing bathroom, living room with guests bathroom, terrace & decking, Bale, plunge pool (6 m x 3,3 m).

Lulu Amahu 2 (1 –two bedroom suites), west facing, one master bedroom (31,5 m2) connecting to one kids bedroom ( 31,5 m2), one en-suite master bathroom with shower and outdoor bathtub, kids en-suite bathroom with shower and outdoor shower, terrace & decking, Bale, plunge pool (6 m x 3,3 m).


Kanatar 1 (1 – one bedroom suite), west facing, luxury twist on traditional two storey’s Sumbanese house; entry level: deck, living room, bathroom and plunge pool (4.5m x 4.05m); upper level: bedroom (41,7 m2), bathroom with outdoor shower.

Lamba Wave Front (2- one bedroom suites), west facing, 2 mirroring suites in a sharing compound; each suite can be rented separately or connected and is complete with individual bedroom (46,2 m2), day bed, bathtub, shower, terrace & deck, outdoor dining & lounge, private plunge pool (5,6m x 3,8m).

Surf & Other Activities


Nihi Sumba Island (Nihiwatu) is situated on one of the premier lefts in Indonesia, and the resort strives to restrict the number of surfers booked into the resort to only 10 or less at any one time. The professional surfers who have visited Nihi Sumba Island over the time have all agreed that this wave is one of the best in the world.


Surf slots charges
Green & Shoulder Season: 1 slot at USD 100++ per person per day
High season: 1 slot at USD 125++ per person per day
The above rate is subject to 11% government tax & 10% service charge.


Surfboards longer than 2.30m (7ft) will have to be sent separately and overland at extra charge due to limited cargo space on all Garuda and Wings flights.

Although Nihi Sumba Island is typically the best wave on the island, there is a variety of other waves nearby. While many of them can be reached by car, a boat trip is the preferred means of travel. Cruising down the coast in one of our speed boats is an experience in
and of itself. You will also get you there in less time, so you spend more time in the surf. All of the waves below are within 20 minutes of Nihi Sumba Island by boat.

Pinn’s - Pinnacle’s is an extremely fun right hand, located in a picturesque bay with safe anchorage. It has some juice even when small, and can get quite hollow. The best right-hand tubes around, this spot is best during the months of March-May and October-November.


The Hole - This wave is the go-to spot for advanced surfers when the waves are on the small side at Nihiwatu. This shifty peak is hollow, powerful, and known for random clean-up sets. Unlike Nihiwatu, there is no channel and the wave finishes into to a cliff. It is normally two to three times the size of Nihiwatu. *This wave should only be surfed by advanced surfers who are comfortable in heavy surf.*


Rua - If the surf at Nihiwatu gets too big, Rua can provide smaller option. This is a fairly soft wave, with both rights and lefts. It usually only breaks when the surf at Nihiwatu is over 8 feet.


Wanukaka - This right hand wave can be very powerful on the right swell but is usually a playful, shifty wave. It is especially worth a try during the months of March-May and October-January. This is a great option for when the winds at Nihiwatu are onshore.


Kerrawei - Located just across the bay from Nihiwatu, this right hander can offer long crumbling walls. It has three distinct sections depending on the swell direction. Both the outside and middle section can be great for polishing up rail work. The inside section can offer a fun small wave for kids and beginners. It is best on low tides, early in the morning before the wind comes up during the months of May-September, or in low-wind conditions during the months of October-April.


Coco’s - This is a smaller right and left that breaks on a rock shelf close to the beach. Normally, it can only be surfed on low tides. It can be a good option when the tide is too low or the winds are too strong at Nihiwatu.


Sumba Sunset - Located on the far corner of the Western reef, this left-hander only starts breaking when the surf at Nihiwatu is double overhead or bigger. It is consistently twice the size of Nihiwatu, and the best spot for a tow-in.

  • Cost: US$150 per boat per hour with Sumba Sawyer (6 persons)
  • Cost: US$180 per boat per hour with HNS Sumba (8 persons)



March is usually a good month for surf at Nihi Sumba Island, by then the rains are mostly over (especially by mid month) and the wind is calm, no wind or slight onshore wind but not strong enough to ruin the waves. The waves are in the 3 to 5 foot range. April offers beautiful conditions and moderate size surf in the 3 to 6 foot range.


May to end of September bring beautiful conditions with moderate to high surf up to 9-12 foot range. October to end of December - usually calm or variable winds, meaning the wind direction can be slightly offshore, changing to slightly onshore and then offshore again. If there are times when the wind is strong onshore, then you can surf the other breaks in the area, where the wind is offshore.


In January and February, the resort is closed. The winds that are blowing are strongly onshore (from the sea to the beach making the waves choppy and unridable). 


The wave and the reef

The wave breaks from deep water onto a shallow reef directly in front of the resort, barreling from start to finish. It is thick and steep on the takeoff and sucking a lot of water up the face. Nihiwatu is one of the fastest rideable waves anywhere, taking only six to ten seconds to travel the 250+ yard length of the wave.


This is not a hot dogging wave, at any size its down-the-line surfing. One slight mistake on your take-off and you probably won't make it to the channel. Nihiwatu breaks best at 4' and above and the bigger the swell the better the wave becomes. 8' to 10' swells are common here and there are usually several 12'+ swells each year.


The coral reef is relatively surfer-friendly. The coral is pounded flat by the waves and hitting the bottom does not necessarily mean getting cut. In fact over the past twelve years there have been very few surfers with reef cuts and no serious injuries.



The wave breaks 80 to 100 yards off the beach and ends in a deep channel. The setup is ideal and paddling out through the channel is easy without having to punch through the waves at all. If you do not make the wave the sweep of the water over the reef will push you back into the channel very quickly.


Other Activities

Mountain Biking / Horse Riding

Mountain bike tours and horse riding trips are available to those who would like to get out of water, explore the terrain, visit local villages and get more views of the mountains, the sea and nature.



Easy hikes or more demanding tracks are abundant and you can work on your endurance and fitness while discovering the area and its grasslands, waterfalls, hills or mountains.


Overland Tours

They offer many half day and full day jeep tours to beaches and important traditional villages and markets. These tours can be fully customized.


Sumba Foundation Informative Trips

What they are proud of the most is what they have been able to do for the local neighborhoods in different forms of support - you can see how is this happening by taking a couple hours of your time and visiting one of many Sumba Foundations farms, schools, hospitals etc. 



The sea around Nihiwatu provides anglers with a great range of big game and reef fish for sport or table. Large Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna migrate close to the coast during the months of August though January, but there are masses of sizeable 130 pound Sailfish, 30 to 40 pound Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo, and 40 to 70 pound Trevally in the area throughout the year just waiting to be caught.



Right in front of the resort or further afield, the untouched and protected waters of Sumba offers stunning reefs, seamounts and lots of tropical fish, from tiny ones to large Marlin, Sailfish or even Blue Whales, if you get really lucky!


Boating Expeditions

Cruise along a stunning West Sumba coastline, enjoy a tasty lunch buffet on a secluded island, catch some fish and let this pristine area take your breath away.

Room type
Travel dates
  • Prices above are per person prices, based on a full villa occupancy, and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations until paid in full. 
  • These are example packages. Package durations and inclusions can be adjusted to cater for your individual requirements. Please contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.
  • Please click "Enquire Online" to email us or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf travel specialists.


  • All meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning/afternoon snacks and all non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Wi-Fi Internet.
  • Mini Bar (1 full re-stock per day).
  • Tour of the Sumba Foundation Projects and mountain biking.
  • Activities by sea: stand-up paddle boarding and snorkeling around Nihiwatu beach (when weather conditions permit).
  • You can participate in the scheduled group yoga & meditation classes at the Yoga Pavilion.


Please note that all additional activities and services, not stated in the above, including alcoholic beverages, tobacco, fishing trips, boat excursion, jet ski, tow surfing, spear fishing, private Yoga/Pilates/TRX instruction, private surf lesson, waterfall treks, additional surfer spots, spa treatments, boutique purchases, private discovery trips and babysitter services, are available at additional charges

Surf slots charges

Green & Shoulder Season: 1 slot at USD 100++ per person per day
High season: 1 slot at USD 125++ per person per day
The above rate is subject to 11% government tax & 10% service charge.


Surfboards longer than 2.30m (7ft) will have to be sent separately and overland at extra charge due to limited cargo space on all Garuda and Wings flights.




A minimum stay of 3 nights is required all year round EXCEPT in High Season and Chinese New Year, when a minimum stay of 5 nights is required.


  • Raja Mendaka 2 Bedroom Villas / Haweri / Lulu Amahu / Kasambi / Wamoro / Lantoro / – Maximum occupancy per bedroom: 2 adults plus 1 adult or 2 adults plus 2 children at extra charge (see below).
  • Raja Mendaka 1 Bedroom Duplex Villa / Kanatar Villas
    Maximum occupancy per bedroom: 2 adults plus 1 adult or child at extra charge (see below).
  • Puncak / Tree House (Mamole) / Marangga / Lamba Villas
    Maximum occupancy per bedroom: 2 adults.
  • NB – only baby cots can be accommodated as extra in these villa categories (complimentary).


Additional person charges:
Adults & children aged 12 & over USD250++ per person per night
Children aged 6 – 11 USD125++ per person per night
Children aged 5 & under Complimentary
These rates are subject to 11% government tax & 10% service charge


Domestic flight costs booking via Nihiwatu

  • Return flight at US$ 550 net per person
  • Price includes: VIP Service upon arrival In Denpasar, Bali, use of the VIP lounges at Bali and Tambolaka airports, baggage allowance up to 30 kg, airport taxes, baggage handling and return transfers (share car) from Tambolaka airport to the resort.
    These rates include 11% government tax & 10% service charge.


Airport Transfers in Sumba
Where clients are travelling on flights not booked by Nihiwatu, airport transfers (share car) can be booked with the resort at the cost below.

One-way transfer from Tambolaka Airport to Nihiwatu is at USD 125++ per couple per way and USD 75++ per single per way

One-way transfer from Waingapu Airport to Nihiwatu is at USD 325++ per couple per way and USD 180++ per single per way (5 hrs drive)

These rates are subject to 11% government tax & 10% service charge.



Disclaimer - This surf trip is an independent surf operator and is not part of or in partnership with The Perfect Wave Travel Co. The Perfect Wave acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, land based accommodation and boat charter operators. The Perfect Waves obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. The Perfect Wave has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.

Other Surf Experiences

Ali Aldred (September 2017),

it was simply the best place that I have ever been to in the whole world!! Completely amazing.  And what was really lovely was to be able to lounge in the pool whilst watching the boys surf at the same time!

Matt (May 2013)

I work hard all year running Manly Surf School, coaching beginners, competitors and elite level professionals. To take the family to a comfy, luxurious surf resort like Nihiwatu with 5-star, uncrowded waves like Occy’s Left and a right that I won’t name, complete with safe, clean 5-star accommodation for my family is my just reward.


Been here five times and this trip was the best. Nihi staff are superb, the waves cranked and the place just gets better and better. See you again!


This is our greatest holiday experience by a fair way. Not only was the staff and facilities first class, but the weather and surf was also stellar. We’ll be investigating ways to help with the Sumba Foundation as well.. what a great cause. Thank you!

Experience Begun: May 2013
Created on: Wednesday 20 February 2013

Stunning. Perfect for so many. Where else can you relax, surf, dive, swim, eat, eat more, drink, drink more, surf again, swim, fish … and do it again tomorrow. Nihiwatu is top-notch and so is the Nihiwatu family.

Experience Begun: May 2012
Created on: Wednesday 20 February 2013