It was in Bali that the surfing potential of Indonesia was first discovered, with the Bukit Peninsula’s series of dreamy lefts, and their stunning backdrops, almost too perfect to be real. 50 years on the magic hasn’t left, and while Uluwatu still holds centre stage, the beachies of Canggu and the more recent discoveries on the East Coast, means Bali offers year-round consistency and variety for every type of surfer. When you add the charm of the Balinese people, the culture, the nightlife and the huge realm of family friendly options, you can see why Bali keeps ticking boxes for every interest, age and budget.

What we love

More waves than you can shake a stick at, consistently pumping!

Padang Padang, known as the Balinese Pipeline, is a very fast, long barrelling wave that lives up to it’s reputation as the most serious wave in Bali.

Year round surf destination with the surf options divided into two seasons.

Diverse history that has a unique blend of island culture, making it a unique experience for any world traveller.