Words Janni Hönscheid | Surfers: TPW Mermaids Janni Hönscheid & Sylvi Bódi | photos by Simon Williams – Swilly (follow Swilly on Facebook and Instagram)


Everything comes to an end… just not the sausage, it has got two – or so goes a German saying.

But we reinvented another version: everything comes to an end… except you change your ticket and extend.

So we were supposed to leave on Monday and every time that thought came to our minds we would go silent and change the theme again. Swilly would tell us about a big swell coming after we would leave. It would be bigger than any of our days so far… and we just didn’t want to go before really seeing all of P-Pass‘s wonderful faces. So after some mad hesitation and ticket changing we decided that this is one of these places and cases where you need to follow your heart and stick to the ocean.

Await for the swell coming towards the end of the week and welcome it with an open mind to expand our horizons.

So the same day we were supposed to sit in the plane, we were sitting in the line-up with a big smile on our faces.

The following day it was the calm before the storm so we went to the best spot to enjoy this calm… a place called Ant Atoll, about a 1.30 hour boat ride from our spot,

White sandy beaches, turquoise water, coconut trees… big underwater drop offs and colourful corals. If felt like we spent more time underwater then on land, diving and gliding through all different shades of blue.


When we finished with the underwater world, we came back to the surface and explored the Mangrove jungle on the Stand Up Paddle boards. There is a little channel leading you through the deepest green, dense, humid, silent, silky water… like a Venice of the pacific, a labyrinth of your soul. Travelling in distance, travelling in time, travelling in mind.

So in reality, we are conscious of the fact that it all comes to an end, and you can’t forever extend. But before we leave and head to the next life chapter of adventures we will catch this swell

Everything comes to an end… just carry it in your heart. And into your future, you’ll watch it blend.

And after all, every time the sun sets on the horizon, there will be a new sunrise on a brand new day”

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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