Our friends at New Zealand Surfing Adventures have been scoring great waves all winter, and with the spring comes the sun and longer days to enjoy surf trips.

surfing in New Zealand
photo courtesy of New Zealand Surfing Adventures

Nick from the NZ Surfing Adventures Says: After a sunny winter with months of quality surf, spring is now upon us; which means huge swell and onshore conditions for the West Coast and consistent good surf with offshore winds on the East Coast. Our most recent trip took us all over New Zealand to find the gold at the end of the Rainbow.

…A long period 3-metre south swell provided Davie from Ireland and Jon from Sweeden a epic 4-day surfing adventure. The points were on fire for 3 days straight with one day the boys clocking up over 6 hours surf time a day. We even managed to score a pumping semi-secret beachie on the way home.

Check out the photos from the recent trips >>>

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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