The surf season has just started in Papua New Guinea and the guys over there are scoring the first great sessions with no crowds around!

Vanimo surf lodge is located in waves-abundant part of Papua New Guinea, close to Indonesian borders. This absolutely remote territory with very few tourists visiting every year has been visited by adventurous surfers since 1980s.

Dave, Vanimo Surf Lodge director, has just sent us a couple of photos and the first surf report of the season!

Hey The Perfect Wave,

these 4x shots were taken from the hill behind the Vanimo Surf Lodge, this is the first swell of the new season just starting now and the forecast was spot on as it has pumped non-stop since last Saturday and is expected the last all week fading a little on next Friday and Saturday. The beauty of this spot is its proximity to the Vanimo Surf Lodge, basically straight out the front with a flat water entry and we just paddle around the back of the sets and then just launch into them with rides over 100m long with numerous barrel sections and lips to get air from. Even if you get slammed here it is a flat rock shelf covered in weed and sand for about 90% of the ride.

When the wind swings, we just walk to the other side of the point and then the left fires off at a slightly larger size but still peeling endlessly down the bay side. There were only 2 guys to share this line up as guests don’t arrive until November so here’s hoping the swells keep marching in like last season where we never had a flat day”

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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