Swell forecasters are calling the incoming swell about to hit Micronesia one of the best starts to the surf season in years! As the surf travel season looks to kick off this month in the Caroline Islands, P-Pass Surf Camp surf guide and staff are pumped for the new swell about to hit their small island chain this week.

P-pass surf break

You can expect 4 – 8ft perfect offshore conditions producing some epic surf for the next 6 – 7 days.

P-Pass surf forecast

P-Pass is a very remote surf break not that well known to people, but it has been known to produce one of the best right-hand barrels in the world, and on its day it can put well-known right-handers around the globe like J-Bay, HT’s, Bells and Snapper to shame.

Crowds have reduced in recent years with a decline in airlines flying to Micronesia and those that do, only fly on certain days making it hard to plan your trip.

P-Pass should be on everyone’s surf travel bucket list and you should definitely go there at least once in your surfing lifetime.

P-pass surf breakP-pass surf break

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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