Yesterday, we brought you a season wrap-up from Vanimo Surf Lodge. The reports tell us that the waves were good and plentiful in north-west PNG.

Rubio Plantation Retreat is in New Ireland province in north-east PNG. From there, you can search the remote coastline and offshore islands for an undiscovered wave. At Rubio they limit the number of guests to 15, so there is never a crowd. They also limit the number of surfers at the retreat to 10. The waves are guaranteed to be uncrowded – but were they any good last season?

The 13/14 season started off right on the first of Oct with a good swell. We even had a guest with a good camera and got some good shots.

We had fairly consistent swell right through the season. Every group that came got some good waves. We had a bit of wind that was not normal but we still had some spots that were offshore.


We did not have any surfing guest until mid Nov so for all of Oct and the beginning of Nov we just had to surf by ourselves.       4

We had more snapped boards this season than we have had for a while. I even snapped 3 of my own.


Dec 13 below 6

My staff scored plenty of good lunch break sessions. Dec 16th below


 It was uncrowded as usual. Dec 24th below


Plenty of rights and lefts as usual. Jan 8th below


Plenty of cool streams to relax in when we were surfed out.


Plenty of shade to hide under when we were sun burnt.  Feb 21rst


We surfed some spots we had not surfed in years. Mar 19th below


Overall we had a great season and i think all of our guest enjoyed it as much as we did. April 19th:11


Written by:
Ben Horvath

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