Nick Towner from New Zealand Surfing Adventures is here with another greeting from the land of long and empty waves. If you would love to score NZ with an experienced surf guide taking you to all secret spots, these guys know the country like the back of their hand.

New Zealand Surfing: South Swell Alert

Hi Guys,

Lately we have seen the swell patterns dramatically change down here in New Zealand. The calm summer conditions of smaller swells on both East and West Coast have decreased and we are now seeing the roaring forties come into life with large South to South West swells rolling up both coasts. These swells light up our southern facing breaks on the East Coast and bend into our world class left points on the West Coast.


The last adventure we had saw us score a three meter south swell on the East Coast and it lit up some of NZ’s finest beach breaks and points. Check out the facebook album – CLICK HERE.


The water is still warm enough for a short arm steamer at many spots and the crowds seem to be extremely low. The swell forecast is looking unreal for the next month at least with the current swell looking unreal for Shipwreck Bay!


We look forward to sending you to New Zealand with Nick and NZ Surf Adventures!

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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