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Another few days, another millions of impressions of this beautiful treasure in the pacific called Pohnpei.

After having some smaller days and fun surfing the wave even on our long boards, a big pulse came through from the horizon: this would be our first day of bigger waves.

We prepared everything to go out for the whole day. I woke up that morning and stepped out to the balcony. The bay was completely glassy… some birds were gliding in the air and the first sun rays started glowing over the mountains fading into a pink sky that perfectly reflected on the water. The smell of coffee and freshly baked banana bread was hanging in the air. I closed my eyes and felt that it would be an epic day. I smiled. What a great day to be alive.

We set off on our boat and could already see the perfection of P-Pass in the distance. Breaking like a curtain made out of gold in the morning light, perfectly hugging the reef.

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It was so amazing to paddle out. Even though some sets were quite intimidating, it was still the best view ever paddling over these big walls of water and looking into the barrels… waves have so much energy. And they teach me so much. Waves are like people. They may break on the shore but they don’t finish there. No way. They keep travelling: through their energy, through us surfers, through stories and photographs we take of them… a wave that I took ten years ago can still make me smile now. And we are the same way. Our energy is powerful, infinite & timeless. That’s why we should make the best out of every moment and Micronesia is really bringing it out of me. My love for live.

As it was a really long session of 5 hours in the water, we made a rule that whoever of our little crowd (5 people) goes to the boat to take a break, has to come back out with a coconut that we share in the line-up. It was great. One time I was sitting a little more on the inside and I got pretty distracted trying to scrape the coconut meat out as I was getting hungry. I forgot my whole surrounding and was just purely concentrated on this coconut meat. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see some movement like everybody was paddling but It didn’t worry me… until I suddenly looked up and it was the set of the day coming in. If someone had filmed my reaction it would be absolutely hilarious: this big wave was so unexpected that my smile turned into panic, I threw that coconut away like in a comedy sketch and just barely made it over this solid wave… like I said, P-Passlikes to keep you on your toes 😉

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On our way back we did some fishing, and I caught the first ever fish of my life. I was quite nervous about it. I was wheeling it in and it was hard work. I was curious, what would be on the other side of the line… My first ever fish, and guess what, I happened to be a 40 pound yellow fin tuna. The boys were super stoked and for a second I didn’t really know what to think. I looked at that beautiful strong creature of the ocean and it made me feel confused. The process of life. One day you life, one day you die. I felt grateful. And appreciative of the fact that we would have food on our plates for the next few days. And I knew where it came from and how it got there. It was a good feeling. Then the boys said something I had been thinking about too: “Janni, this is your first ever fish. They say you have to eat the heart of your first one.” I wanted it to be a significant experience. So with no hesitation, I ate it’s heart.

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To put this day in a frame we ended up heading out to the wave again for an evening session. The wind had turned a little more onshore but it was still just pure fun. With only a few people and sharing this special moment of the sunset together on the water was a magical way to end the day… ”

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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