Another week in paradise sums up this last week. We saw a new swell come and go with amazing waves for 4 afternoons. Kai from Kiama had to be the stand out of the week with 2 super long tubes at Tucky Joes on the 27th. Riptides also saw fun small waves allowing the girls to get their wave count up.

Sarah was lucky enough to jump on a whale shark day trip. It is a big day on a speedboat that takes you across to the other side of the atoll where the plankton is abundant. For some reason there is less plankton on the east side and because of this no whale sharks. Sarah saw a total of 7 whale sharks and got to swim with 4 of them. Besides seeing these large creatures of the sea, they also snorkeled with manta rays, saw dolphins, flying fish, sail fish, turtles and many schools of fish. Luckily I gave her my housing so here are some photos of “the puppy dogs of the sea” as she calls them. Apparently they do not mind the swimmers or boats as long as they are not touched. But as Sarah found out they sometimes swim right at you and she had to move out of the way.

The end of this week has been slower with very small waves but there is always a million things to do here. Our favorites have been sunset fishing and learning to windsurf. Then again the frozen strawberry margaritas at the sunset bar on the rooftop is also pretty entertaining.

Jeremy – The Perfect Wave surf guide at Kandooma Resort

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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