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It’s crazy how much difference a week can make over here in the Maldives. There was no report for the week prior to this one due to the small waves, wind and rain we had. Moonsoon season has finally arrived. Then as predicted last week, the swell pulsed. The wind and rain hung around but the swell just kept on getting bigger till it reached the 6ft mark and even the occasional bigger set. Kandooma right was by far the pick of the bunch as the island provided the most protection from the wind.

It was perfect for a good 6 days. Super long tubes running all the way from the top of the reef, right through to the end. South African honeymooner, Dan Thornton could not believe it. He and his wife had picked the Maldives for their honeymoon because it would be a nice place to spend some time with one another, relax, enjoy the sunshine and maybe get a few fun waves. Lucky for him and unfortunately for her one of the bigger swells of the year hit and he scored. Really scored.

The wave itself once it reaches this size has 2 sections. There is a smaller easy wave right up the top of the reef that is perfect for the intermediate surfers, then further down the wave wedges up, doubles in size and power. If only it was consistently this size guys would start re-thinking going to crowded Indonesia. I personally have done a few trips to Indonesia and got nothing even close to this.

The only downfall was the wind direction restricting the wave options during the whole swell to Kandooma Right mostly. Riptides on the low tide had some fun waves and we only got Tucky Joes once for a few hours during a West wind window. But really the place to be was right out the front of our rooms.

The sun is starting to creep back in and I’m starting to get the camera back out once again for the crystal clear blue water all around.

The swell has way more energy then us at the moment. We are all starting to feel surfed out and sore but the uncrowned sets keep coming in.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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