Former touring pro and arguably the world’s best big wave charger Shane Dorian said,  “Sultans is the best old boy wave in the world.”

Shane, along with Taj, Jamie O, Travis Logie and Bethany Hamilton have been shredding all week at the Four Seasons Maldives Champions Trophy in near perfect 3-4ft Sultans.

This final clip features the ex pro’s surfing on thrusters.

After a couple of days of singles and twins, everyone was pretty excited to be on conventional equipment.

Bethany caught the first wave of the day, blasting a bunch of incredible backhand blasts scoring a high eight.

That set the tone for some of the most inspiring high performance surfing one could see anywhere.

The thruster final came down to Taj and Shane and then the pair had to back up for the overall event final straight after.

Taj won.

Enjoy the clip and picture yourself shredding Sultans.

Ah stuff picturing it.

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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