Southern Atolls Highlights | Words and images by Bob Fawcett
Empty, all surfed out

Just finished the first Maldives surf trip of the 2015 season on board Mavaahi surf charter. We surfed the Maldives Southern Atolls with a mixed bunch on board, including three girls, a Spanish father and son, a few crusty Aussies, and a couple of not-so-crusty Aussies.

Karen’s morning yoga sessions on the top deck proved to be a great warm up for our long days in the water, and we scored waves everyday from flawless and ridiculously glassy 2-3ft lefts and rights, to 6ft heaving barrels at the infamous Beacons.  Apprentice tube master Brad “The Bear” made the most of it, racking up 20 sessions in the water, while Arno, “The Spanish grommet” got so many waves he could only be slowed down after Beacons devoured his board and spat it out in two pieces.

The girls had some great sessions and Steph’s laugh will be echoing in everyone’s head for some time yet, not to mention her catch phrase of “I am so happy right now”.  Her nursing skills also provided some relief to poor Gibbo who copped a solid belting, but luckily saved it for the last day. Blues master and stealth mission planner Brad entertained us at night with his finely tuned guitar playing and singing his original lyrics.  Gary “Sushi boy” caught so many fish he finished cleaning the last one at the airport as we waved everyone off.

Great trip, great waves, great company.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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