The Perfect Wave is very fortunate to have a gentleman like Brian James to look after our operations in Maldives, where we run five TPW surf charters and look after hundreds of surfers every season, sending them all over this surf-abundant archipelago. Brian knows the surf in this country like the back of his palm, and today he will reveal to us how it is living and working full time in the Maldives.

Brian James, surfing Tucky Joe's
Brian James, surfing Tucky Joe’s

Brian James talks about his experience of operating Maldives surf charters

After thirteen years operating surfing trips in the Maldives, the “stoke” is still there. Roll on, season 2014! The Perfect Wave has put together a range of Maldives surf holidays that are exciting and cover all the bases for surfers looking for “the dream trip”. Lucky boy, me, has to guide the trips on Carpe Vita surf charter.

When Carpe Vita, the floating head-turner, arrives at the surfing channel, all eyes are upon her. Over the years I have worked as a guide on many different safari boats, enjoying every one of them and the company of the holidaying surfers. Holidaying surfers are a special breed and the characters differ greatly, but all have a unifying agenda. They are all there to surf. This ties everybody together on board a boat and ultimately makes many new friendships and rekindles old friendships as well.

Carpe Vita Maldives surf charter
Carpe Vita Maldives surf charter

There is possibly no better experience than to be surfing a remote area with only your boat anchored close to the surfing point and only your mates there to enjoy perfect conditions, let’s say three to six feet, light offshore wind providing glassy waves that break hollow and fast giving every chance to get barrelled. It’s a sacred thing. It’s why we choose the surfing holiday. And a few beers late afternoon of course, that way we all enjoy and relive the action from today. I have been fortunate over the years to experience this ritual with my family, some close friends and many guests as well. It is why I do what I do and want to keep on doing it.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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