Hawaii surf report – Words, photos and clip by Andy Potts C/O The Perfect Wave.

It only takes one day on the North Shore to change what you thought you knew about surfing, athletes in their prime, pushing their own limits while you stand helplessly in awe on the beach finding any excuse not to paddle out.

It’s as if you are watching another sport, everything is so finely tuned at this level.

In the water there are so many variables to think about before it all comes together, including in extreme situations – survival.

As a spectator, its all handed to you on a silver platter, with crew like Jamie O’Brien, John John Florence and Mason Ho treating the line up like it is their own backyard, which of course it is.

As performance levels go through the roof each and every season it is hard to imagine and differentiate between what is and isn’t possible on a surfboard anymore.

Late season 2015 fired up the North Shore.

The back half of January delivered some epic, unforgettable Pipeline.

The majority of World Tour surfers had already bailed , so the locals were totally ruling.

Enjoy episode #1 of Picture This, Picture That, a look at the still kinda country yet undisputedly crowded 7 mile stretch of the North Shore of Oahu and an introduction to the most incredible wave on the Planet…Pipeline.

Written by:
Ben Horvath

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