by Joel Coleman, surf photographer
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Surfing’s pro tour has hit Fiji this week, the best surfers in the world on one of the best waves in the world. It is quite a spectacle. If you have never seen a pro event it is like the circus has come to town. Let me give you an idea… We arrived late yesterday and were invited straight away for drinks on a floating pontoon moored just inside the lagoon with a view of the surf break. This pontoon, which they are calling Cloud 9, had not even opened for business yet, but there we were, kicking it back, swimming, and watching the sunset about 800m from the famed Cloudbreak reef. When the pro surfers arrive so to does the press and the hangers on, girls in bikinis and cameras everywhere.

Cloud 9 Floating Island:

We reached our Fijian mystery destination and the effort was well worth the reward!… The wave that we came to surf was not on offer today, the tide was just too low in the morning and the wind picked up in the afternoon. However the consolation prize was good. A nice, hollow right with a crowd factor of… us! That’s Jamie and I, no-one else, not another surfer even close to here. Sure it took some doing to get here and we are not even sure if we are staying another day, but that is what surfing is all about – roll the dice and reap the rewards!

I don’t need to tell you about the amazing blue water and glassy conditions, the photographs do a better job of telling that story. But I will fill you in on something funny… We got here and managed to forget to bring any surfboard wax! One board was brand new, not a smear of traction giving goo! We thought we were doomed and the mission all but over until a local villager came to the party with some supplies from a long defunct resort. Two cakes of warm water wax, a gift from huey allowing us to enjoy a few waves!

Joel Coleman ( photography)

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Written by:
Ben Horvath

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