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Costa Rica is a place I’d always dreamed of going on a surf trip.  I spent 3 months there from February to April and it was everything that I’d imagined it would be and more!

To start my surfing holiday I rocked up in San Jose and spent the night in a surf themed hotel downtown – it’s very international, an easy and safe place to travel as a solo surfer girl.  Everyone was super friendly and helpful and pointed me in the direction of the bus station so I could start my surfing adventure and get to the surfer girl surf camp the next morning.  The bus system is excellent, there’s a huge bustling bus station in the heart of San Jose taking surfers to surf camps and on surf tours all over the country.

The bus journey is an adventure in itself, amazing to check out the incredible wildlife and jungles on the way, I reached the surf camp and instantly made friends with like-minded surfer girls – too easy, you’re never alone when you surf travel alone!!

Straight out into 3-4 foot perfect warm water tropical waves, nice and easy to surf, only about 10 of us in the water.   I started chatting to a local surfer who told me that if I stay out long enough, I’d see the dolphin that comes into the bay every day around the same time.  Sure enough Flipper turned up and surfed around me for hours, I even jumped off my board and grabbed onto his fin thinking I could do what you see in the films – but no, he shook me off pretty quick but kept coming back to drop in on me – what a pleasure to be dropped in on by a dolphin!!

Costa Rica is easy living, the waves down south are easy to surf, the surf camp I stayed in was perfect, the country is easy to get around, easy to find lovely restaurants, the locals are easy-going and they seem to be happy to see the tourists enjoying their beautiful country.

A truly amazing experience – you must go there to check it out for yourself – it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be and heaps more – take a jungle tour or if you’re looking for a bit more power in the waves, head further north on a surf tour to explore this idyllic country.

Suzi Allen

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