Guadeloupe is a French territory located in the Caribbean Leeward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles. Together with Barbados, Guadeloupe is one of the East Caribbean’s most consistent surf destinations with regular tradewinds swell and north swell produced by cold fronts moving off the US East Coast in winter. Like Barbados the waves are often windy and rarely get bigger than eight feet. French-governed Guadeloupe consists of two main islands, Grande Terre and Basse Terre, joined in the middle, which viewed from above, reveals a butterfly shape. Guadeloupe feels very French, although it has its own unique “Creole” style. Locals are generally proud to be both French and Guadeloupian. Grand Terre has the majority of the surf spots while Basse Terre only gets surf from S and W hurricane swells. There are also exposed islands of Marie Galante andLa Désirade offshore, which have good potential for explorers.

Quick Facts

French and Creole mix in the heart of the Caribbean



Warm, clean and tropical water and mix of reefs and points

Wind affected, but sheltered spots all over the islands

Wide variety of activities from hiking up the Soufriere Volcano to scuba diving.

Where to surf

Grande Terre benefits from a deeper offshore valley pointing towards the Atlantic NE swell source and is the most consistent of the big islands. For Basse Terre a big northerly or west hurricane swell is needed to hit the prime spots.

When to go

The autumn, winter and springtime bring powerful waves giving the islands their nickname of “The Hawaii of Europe”. Also the predominant NE wind is offshore at the best breaks. The summertime means smaller, less consistent waves, stronger winds and very warm weather. You can wear a shortie wetsuit for most of the year with the water temperature bottoming out around 18° in winter.


The Guadeloupe Islands offer a very wide selection of activities. You could be hiking up the Soufriere Volcano, diving, island hopping or sun baking on beautiful beaches. Add the great mix of French and Creole culture and food and this is a unique slice of Caribbean paradise.

The Country

Guadeloupe, a French overseas region, is an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea. Resembling a butterfly, its two largest islands are separated by the Salée River. Hilly Grande-Terre Island has long beaches and sugarcane fields. On Basse-Terre Island, Parc National de la Guadeloupe encompasses Carbet Falls and the volcano La Grande Soufrière. Smaller islands include Marie-Galante and La Désirade.

Getting There

There are direct flights from many US cities including Miami and New York to the Pointe-a-Pitre airport (PTP) on Guadeloupe.

Travel Information

Time Zone

GMT -04:00



Calling code



230 V – Plugs C, D and E