Mentawai surf charters and resorts


The 70 or so islands in the Mentawai chain off the West Coast of Sumatra pack more perfect waves per square mile than any other surf destination. There are 50 recognized quality breaks, with Hollow Trees, Macaronis, Rifles and Green Bush are known as some of the best in the world. These waves were all first accessed by charter boats, and those trips quickly the gold standard against all other surf trips were measured. . More recently many excellent land camps have sprung up offering terra firma and speedboat access to the waves. The most consistent waves are usually between April and September, however the off season, with its lower crowds and prices is increasingly becoming a great option.

What we love

Some of the most perfect waves on the planet and waves can be scored all year round.

Off-peak season of December – February has the least crowds and mellow waves.

Charter boats from basic to luxury and a growing number of quality surf resorts.

Massive number of surf breaks in a relatively small area.