The South Pacific archipelago of 83 small islands can rival its sister island nations of Fiji and Samoa for wave quality, just with half the crowds. Known for its variety and tropical perfection, rather than size, most surfing is done on the southern reefs of Efate Island and near the famous dive site of Pango Point. While a year-round surf destination, the best waves are found from from March to October when southern swells caused by deep Antarctic lows produce solid, consistent breaks on the south coast of Vanuatu. Costs are low, crowds non-existent and the sun never-ending. A new surf frontier has been hiding in plain sight. What are you waiting for?

What we love

Underrated surf destination only moments from Australia & NZ

Less consistent and crowded than Fiji 

Pristine, warm waters and incredible flora and fauna 

Diverse adventures, climb active volcanoes, dive WW2 wrecks, meet cannibal tribes